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Welcome to faerie icons!

Icon art with wings!

Faerie Icons!
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This community is for creative people to post faerie themed icons! Beginning icon makers and advanced welcome! Come create beautiful, mystical, icons featuring the fae!


When posting more than 4 icons please use the lj cut feature. It's hard on people who have slower connections to wait for the page to load.

Please post only fae-themed icons. It can be any fantasy/fae/elven type creature. Please only post icons of this nature, as there are many other icon communities for other themes.

People are free to ask others in the community for requests. But feel free to try and create your own, no one will be judged because they are a beginner at icon making.

Be supportive of each other! I will not tolerate people putting others down. Helpful tips and comments are welcome, but no personal attacks or drama!

If the artist asks that credit be given, credit should be given.

When using another artist's work as a base, please give credit to the artist in your post and please post a link to the artist's webpage.

Have fun and be creative!

Moderated by: shady_feline aka the_dark_muse

Faerie helpers(Maintainers): sorrowsfemme, tigg__prinny, awakesoon